Click + or - on any second of the video to let YouTube authors know what you appreciate and what you don't approve!

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For viewers

Ever felt like you want to like one part of the video, but dislike the other one? Install YouTube Pulse and feel free to express your opinion about any phrase, joke or action in the video!

For authors

Make content that your audience really likes! We give you opportunity to track your audience’s response to every moment of your content.

For marketers

Track the reaction of different target audiences to a particular content. Make right conclusions. Change content plan and marketing strategy.


Intuitive interface

3 buttons, unprecedented content impact. Press "+" if you support what you see or "-" if the current part of the video sucks. Use filter button to show different graphs: both "+" and "-", only "+", only "-", turn the graph off.

Powerful analytics

Analyze why viewers subscribe to your channel and press Likes. Make more content you audience adores, give less reasons to Dislike your videos. Analyze videos from other authors, notice interesting techniques to which the audience responds positively. Use Pulse statistics to overview the feedback.



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